Master of Science With a Focus in Anesthesia Degree

Application form will be available by May 1, 2015.

Reference Form

Download Reference Form

Please print 5 reference forms and give to the following people:
1) Current Supervisor
2) Current RN Co-worker
3) Current RN Co-worker
4) Current or Previous RN Co-worker
5) Any Medical Professional Co-worker

Pam Nimmo
P.O.Box 417
Madison, TN, 37116



Release Form (PDF)


Please Print, Sign and fax form to Pam Nimmo @ 615-732-7662

Admissions Requirements & Checklist

Requirements, Class of 2015–2017

Requirements (PDF)


Checklist (PDF)

Deadline for interview consideration: October 31,2015



Download the 2014 Student Catalog/Handbook (PDF).

To view the catalog, you must have Adobe Reader.

News & Events

  • MTSA Now Hiring
    Academic Administrative Assistant
  • Fall Symposium & Open House
    The Third Annual MTSA Fall Symposium & Open House will be held Thursday, September 3, 2015 on the School's campus for the Anesthesia community.
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