Outcome criteria upon graduation

(Doctoral Student Learning Outcomes / DSLOs)

Graduates from MTSA’s Doctor or Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP) program shall master additional theory, knowledge, and scholarship skills relevant to the area of academic focus by demonstrating the following competencies COA Standard III

Biological Systems, Homeostasis, and Pathogenesis

a.Analyzes best practice models for nurse anesthesia patient care management through integration of knowledge acquired from arts and sciences within the context of the scope and standards of nurse anesthesia practice.

b.Uses a systematic outcomes analysis approach in the translation of research evidence and data in the arts and sciences to demonstrate they will have the expected effects on nurse anesthesia practice.

News & Events

  • Remembering J. D. Elliott
    The MTSA family is encouraged to remember the family of J.D. Elliott during this difficult time of his passing.
  • Basic Ultrasound-guided Regional Anesthesia Workshop
    eight-hour, hands-on workshop will be taught by MTSA Director of Collaborative Learning Patrick Moss (98) CRNA, MS, APN. Cost for the one-day educational offering is $695 ($650 for MTSA alumni).
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