Versafund $25,000 Grant Supports Campaign

A $25,000 grant from Versafund, a Corona, California based foundation, brings the total support of the Building the Future Campaign to $2,053,730 which is 68.45 percent of the $3.0 million goal, said MTSA Vice President for Advancement & Alumni Jim Closser, CFRE.   A total of $837,350 has been contributed by foundations and corporations.

According to its website, Versafund historically gives preference to applications from independent tax-exempt ministries who are actively involved in supporting the principles and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Versafund was established in 1989 when its predecessor parent company Versacare sold two of its flagship hospitals, Hialeah Hospital (Florida), and Corona Regional Medical Center (California).

It further states that “it is the purpose of Versacare to serve humanity by engaging in activities that will further the kingdom of God and restore the ‘Image of God’ in man.  Based on Biblical principles, we understand the ‘Image of God’ to include human health, fulfillment, and the search for knowledge.”

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