“MTSA prepared me beyond words for the real anesthesia world!  Now our School is above the rest.  I am proud of my education…”

- Amanda Reffner Bracken (’05) CRNA, MS, APN (Knoxville, TN)


“I have fond memories of my time at Madison Hospital School of Anesthesia.  Ikey, Nelda Faye, Nevin Downs, and Bill Smith – and of course, Mr. Bowen who when he related his experience, it was not only entertaining, but very informative as well.  Everyone was great and I appreciate the preparation I received for my profession.”

 - Ken Hutchinson (’79) CRNA (Jackson, TN)


“Thanks for the chance to obtain such a great education.  It only seems like yesterday I was starting my first day of class.  [Now] look back a year after the program.  I cannot tell you how much God has blessed me!  Thanks for everything and God bless!!

- Aaron Elmore (’08) CRNA, MS, APN (Lebanon, TN)


“Thank you all so much for an excellent education.  I love what I am doing and feel I was very well prepared by all the instructors at MTSA.”

- Rhonda Pursley (’07) CRNA, MS, APN (Gallatin, TN)


“I have never felt such an overwhelming sense of gratitude as the first day I was driving to my job as a new CRNA.  Thank you so much for that opportunity.  I am now enjoying a wonderful and fulfilling career.”

- Tammy Kellogg (‘03) CRNA, MS, APN (Crossville, TN)


“Thanks for everything.  I feel that MTSA is the absolute best in nurse anesthesia.”

- Rob Rogers (’03) CRNA, MS, APN (Tupelo, MS)

News & Events

  • Hulin to Become Next President of MTSA
    Christopher P. Hulin, CRNA, DNP, current Dean/Program Administrator of the Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia (MTSA) will become the fourth President in the 65-year history of the institution.
    Join us for OPEN HOUSE, 2015! Come meet administrators, instructors, staff, alumni, and current students at the annual Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia OPEN HOUSE on Tuesday, June 9.
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