Steve Parrish, MHS, CRNA

Steve Parish, MHS, CRNA, is currently the full-time Vice-Chief Nurse Anesthetist at John Peter Smith Hospital, a level-one trauma center in Fort Worth where he also serves as a CRNA. Mr. Parrish has been performing regional anesthesia for 8 years and is active in educating his hospital and anesthesia group in r/t regional anesthesia. He assisted with the establishment of the Acute Pain team for John Peter Smith Hospital in 2016. His goal is to help facilitate the education of regional anesthesia to those desiring to broaden their professional practice.

Modules/Topics Taught:

  • Perinerual Catheter Indications, Techniques, and Equipment
  • Truncal
  • Upper Extremity: Serratus anterior, rectus sheath, and suprascapular with catheter placement for the Serratus anterior and Rectus sheath blocks