MTSA Mission & Awards Gala postponed due to COVID-19 health crisis

The MTSA Mission & Awards Gala, previously scheduled for May 7, has been postponed until next year based on the unprecedented health crisis our country is now facing, announced Matt Demaree, event chairman. “We, along with you, are very concerned about the effects of COVID-19 not only on the health of the citizens, but for our anesthesia professionals on the front lines treating patients every day.”

“Based on social-distancing guidelines issued by federal and state officials aimed at mitigating the spread of the virus, we believe it prudent to take this step,” said Demaree. He added that the School is asking whether donors who have already contributed for the gala this year would like their contribution to be applied to the postponed event in May 2021. Donors who have pledged support, but have not yet paid, are welcome to make their contribution, which will be held for next year, allowing donors to receive all associated benefits for next year’s event. Donors who prefer a refund are asked to send a written request to the Advancement Office at MTSA. All silent auction contributions will be held for next year.

“We are saddened that we must take this step, but believe it is the wise decision based on the changing landscape we all face today,” said Demaree. “Every member of the gala committee is committed to planning a wonderful future event that will celebrate the achievements of the awardees while funding the important mission work of MTSA.”

“Thank you for your continued support of MTSA. Please remember our alum and all healthcare providers in prayer as they serve at such an important time. May God bless your family in health and safety at this time.”

For more information, please contact the MTSA Advancement Office at (615) 732-7674 or

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