Administration & Staff


Chris HulinChris Hulin, DNP, MBA, CRNA
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7676


Maria OverstreetMaria Overstreet, PhD, RN
Vice President, Academics & Institutional Effectiveness,
Title IX Coordinator, and Director of Student Services
Phone/Fax: 615-732-7893


JBC_9926Rusty Gentry, DNAP, CRNA
Program Administrator
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7664



Jon Ronning, MBA
Vice President, Finance & Administration
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7672



Asia Byers, MBA, MEd
Director, Human Resources and Continuing Education
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7854



Jessica Creason, MA
Director, Academic Coaching
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7671


Aaron Hastings, BS
Director, Information Technology
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7847



Bill JohnsonBill Johnson, DNAP, CRNA
Director, Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship
Director, DNAP Completion Program
Phone/Fax: 615-732-7846


Jennifer Speer
Director, Financial Aid
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7884






Joshua Aman, BS
Assistant Director, Information Technology
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7845



Jean Baron-White
Executive Administrative Assistant
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7679



009Mary E. DeVasher, PhD, CRNA
Dean Emerita
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7677




Jim DukesJim Dukes
Coordinator, Plant Operations
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7661



Amy GideonAmy C. Gideon, EdD
Manager, Learning Resource Center
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7670



Faith Jerde
Assistant, Nurse Anesthesia Program
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7851



Kytinna Harris, BSBA
Administrative Assistant, Admissions & Continuing Education
Phone/Fax (615) 732-7857



Nathan Johnson, BBA
Assistant to the VP of Finance
Phone/Fax: 615-732-7852



Linda JonesLinda Jones
Clinical Support Specialist
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7668



Shaun D. Jones, BS
Instructional Technology Assistant & ExamSoft Administrator
Phone/Fax (615) 732-7844



Randi Langois
Assistant Registrar/Academic Support Specialist
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7858



Sara Metcalf
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Assistant, Advancement & Alumni
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7673



Lewis McCarver, DNP, CRNA
Director, Center for Clinical Simulation
Assistant Program Administrator, Clinical Affairs
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7848



Terry Owens, BBA
Coordinator, Post Degree Programs
Phone/Fax (615) 732-7856



Lynn RayLynn Ray
Coordinator, Clinical Support
Phone/Fax: 615-732-7669



Carol H. Stinson
Assistant Registrar
Academic Support Specialist
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7663



Julianne Westbrook, BS, SFA, CMA
Coordinator, Learning Management & IT Systems
Phone/Fax: (615) 732-7895



Ken Wetmore, MA
Phone: (615) 866-4776




Deirdre Williams
LMS & IT Support Specialist, ASPM Fellowship
Phone/Fax (615) 732-7864