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Tribute to Polly Justice

By Jim Closser

Polly Justice loved MTSA. She would always attend the MTSA alumni regional dinners and was such an encouragement to those interested in the anesthesia profession — of course promoting MTSA to interested applicants. Polly was a generous supporter of MTSA too, participating in campaigns and annual giving efforts. However, she is best remembered for her encouragement to her grandson Brennan who is an MTSA alum as well. She was always proud that he graduated from “her anesthesia school.” MTSA lost a good friend. We wish her family well and God’s blessing as we anticipate the coming of Jesus and the certain hope of the resurrection.

If you would like to donate to MTSA in honor of Polly Justice, you are invited to click the link below.


(l to r) Windford Tate, Ben Couliard, Polly Justice, Randy Coble, Liz Brown, Martin Young, Jim Shilling and Steve Morris.

(l to r) Oscar Lewis, Martin Young, Polly Justice, Taryn Hickman and Mandy Keal.

Ben Couillard and Polly Justice.