Advanced Physiologic Foundations Class

Spring 2022 course starts: January 3, 2022

Deadline to apply: October 1 – November 30


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Course Description

This course discusses advanced human physiologic concepts at the system, organ, cellular, and subcellular levels, with the overall goal to enhance the learner’s foundation for nursing practice. Foundational concepts; central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems; cardiovascular system; respiratory system; renal system; skeletal muscle/neuromuscular synapse; and smooth muscle will be discussed. Hormonal regulation will be integrated with various physiologic processes. Emphasis will be on integration of concepts as a basis for understanding interrelationships among complex physiologic processes. This course may strengthen the learner’s application for a nurse anesthesia program, but satisfactory completion of the course does not guarantee acceptance into a program as acceptance is based on a number of factors in addition to performance in one course.

Complete the online application provided and pay by check or money order made payable to MTSA.  Credit cards can used for payment by calling the business office at (615) 732-7672.  A 3 percent fee will be added for all credit card payments.


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