Get your Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice degree

MTSA offers graduate-level nurse anesthesia programs to put you on the fast track to your career goals as a nurse anesthetist.

Already a MS CRNA? Take a look at our DNAP completion program. Or, consider dual enrollment in the both the
DNAP completion & Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship.
Maybe you’re an RN wanting to become a CRNA? Review our DNAP Practice Doctorate.

For CRNAs: Learn more about our DNAP online program»

For RNs: Learn more about our DNAP Practice Doctorate program»

Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship

MTSA and the AANA have collaborated to offer the nation's only clinically based Fellowship in Acute Surgical Pain Management.

Practice Doctorate/DNAP Program

Our Practice Doctorate/DNAP program is 'anesthesia' specific and designed for the RN seeking to become a CRNA.

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