Brett Clay, DNAP, CRNA

Courses: ANPR 500 Orientation ANAP 500 Physiology I ANAP 510 Physiology II ANAP 520 Physiology III DAPP 800 Anatomy & Physiology I DAPP 810 Advanced Anatomy & Physiology II DAPP 820 Advanced A... Read More

Ikey DeVasher, PhD, CRNA

Courses: DNAP 680 a Christian Worldview in Nurse Anesthesia: Global Initiatives, Mission Outreach, and Ethics in Practice DEDU 820 Ethics & Multicultural Healthcare in Nurse Anesthesia ... Read More

Hallie Evans, DNP, CRNA

Hallie Evans, DNP, CRNA has over twelve years of experience working as a CRNA in a variety of clinical settings and practices. She has served as a clinical preceptor and mentor for graduate projects d... Read More

Amy Gideon, EdD

Courses: DNAP 630 Informatics and Education Curriculum, Instruction, Evaluation: Application & Practice DEDU 800 Informatics for the Practice Doctorate ... Read More

Rusty Gentry, DNAP, CRNA

Program Administrator

Courses: ANPR 500 Orientation ANPR 590 Advanced Physical Health Assessment for Nurse Anesthetists ANSM 500 & 501 Case Conference ANSM 515-519 Senior Board Review I–V DNAP 600, 620, 630 & 710... Read More

Michael Gooch, DNP, MSN, RN, ACNP, FNP, ENP

Courses: ANPH 530 Pharmacology III DAPH 800 Pharmacology for the Advanced Practice Nurse: Nurse Anesthetists ... Read More

Chris Hulin, DNP, MBA, CRNA


Dr. Hulin is the President of Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia and is a practicing Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) with over 10 years of experience in this capacity. He currently se... Read More

Bill Johnson, DNAP, CRNA

Director of the Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship

Bill Johnson, DNAP, CRNA is the Director of the Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship at Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia. He has taught ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia (USGRA) techniqu... Read More

Buffy Lupear, DNP, CRNA

Courses: ANPR 500 Orientation ANPR 520 & 521 Principles of Anesthesia I & II DBAP 800 Basic Principles of Anesthesia DBAP 820 Advanced Principles of Nurse Anesthesia ... Read More

Lewis McCarver, DNP, CRNA

Courses: DNAP Integrated Application of EBP I, EBP II, & EBP III ANPR 500 Orientation ANPH 500 Pharmacology I ANPH 510 Pharmacology II DBAP 800 Basic Principles of Anesthesia DAPH 810, 820 & 8... Read More

Julie Murphy, MS, CRNA

Courses: ANPR 500 Orientation ANPR 525, 526, 527, 528 Applied Anesthesia I – IV (Simulation) ... Read More

Maria Overstreet, PhD, RN


Dr. Overstreet earned her PhD in Nursing at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2009. Her selected studies focused on nursing education methodologies including adult education and the use of nu... Read More

Michael Pilla, MD

Courses: Basic Arrhythmia/12-Lead EKG ... Read More

Katrin Sames, DNAP, CRNA

Courses: ANPR 527 Applied Anesthesia III (Simulation) ANPR 500 Orientation ANPR 550 Advanced Principles (Pediatric Anesthesia) DNAP 640 Quality Improvement and Patient Safety DNAP 660 Population Welln... Read More

John Shields, DNP, CRNA

John Shields is a cardiac CRNA practicing at Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute in Nashville Tennessee. He has worked in a variety of settings including cardiovascular, thoracic, neurosurgical a... Read More

Leigh Taylor, MS, CRNA

Assistant Program Administrator

Courses: DEDU 830, DAPH 810, DAPH 820, DAPH 830, Senior Board Review, and Simulation   ... Read More

Rob Taylor, MD

Courses: Senior Board Review ... Read More

Tinsla Trotter, RN

... Read More

Ken Wetmore, MA

Chaplain and Religion Professor

Ken Wetmore, MA, serves as the MTSA Chaplain and Religion Professor, in addition to teaching in the Fellowship. He received his Master of Arts in Organization Leadership from Gonzaga University and ... Read More