Dual Enrollment for DNAP Completion & ASPM Fellowship

Dual Enrollment Now Available for DNAP Completion and Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship Students

NEW! Complete your DNAP degree and ASPM Fellowship in two years. Receive a 25 percent discount applied to both programs (DNAP and ASPM Fellowship) if dual enrolled. The deadline to apply is June 30.

Attain the highest qualifications possible in both your acute pain clinical practice and academic credentials with a path that brings both together – MTSA’s Doctorate in Nurse Anesthesia Practice, and the Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship.

NOTE: In order to enroll, applicants must apply to both the DNAP Completion AND Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship programs:

DNAP Completion admissions page»
ASPM Fellowship admissions page»

Application period open January 1 – June 30


Why the dual enrollment option?

Dual enrollment allows the student to accomplish both programs (DNAP completion and ASPM Fellowship) concurrently in two years.  With dual enrollment, the CRNA can focus their didactic assignments within the field of Acute Surgical Pain Management.  The ASPM Fellowship enhances the regional anesthesia skill set for the experienced CRNA, and the DNAP completion program challenges the CRNA to expand their knowledge base in a variety of Nurse Anesthesia concepts.

What will it cost?

Regular cost for the DNAP completion is $30,000.  Regular cost for the ASPM Fellowship is $15,000.  A 25 percent discount is offered for the completion of both programs which makes a total investment of $33,750.

What will I get for my financial investment?

Each student who successfully finishes the DNAP completion program will be conferred a Doctor of Anesthesia Practice degree.  Each student that successfully completes the ASPM Fellowship will receive an ASPM Fellowship certificate of completion.  Additionally, through the ASPM Fellowship each student will have opportunity to participate at no additional cost in up to three cadaveric workshops, and earn up to 24 class “A” continuing education credits.

Do I still have to produce a scholarly project?

Yes, each DNAP completion student must complete and present a scholarly project.  Dual enrolled students will focus their project on ASPM.  Faculty experts in ASPM from around the world provide content support to ASPM Fellows’ scholarly projects.