Nurse Educator Track Student Spotlight

Jordan Frenz Billings

Recipient of the 2023 Larry Lancaster Outstanding Nurse Educator Award

This year’s recipient (pictured above right) graduates from the completion program today and is currently enrolled in our first nurse educator cohort. She created an education podcast with her Doctoral Project team on Anesthesia Techniques to Decrease the risk of relapse for patients in recovery. In addition, she is the first postgraduate student to serve on a school committee. She actively serves on our student life committee and is committed to health and wellness for students. She has also taken on the additional role as a teaching assistant this semester. She is a recipient of the NFLP grant which means she has received funds for school in return for dedicating 4 years working as a Nurse Educator upon completion of the program.

About the Award
The Larry Lancaster Outstanding Nurse Educator Award is voted on by the Doctorate Faculty. Candidates seek opportunities in teaching beyond course requirements. In addition, the qualifications to be nominated for this award include:

  • Presenting scholarly works at MTSA and Professional conferences
  • Use of creative or innovative instructional techniques
  • Creating work that translates into other disciplines
  • Organizing and presenting subject matter in ways that interest and stimulate learners
  • Being a positive role model to students regarding the value of a doctoral education
  • Imparting a respect for truth and a love of learning
  • Showing respect for all persons