Guyana Mission Report

MTSA’s mission team recently returned from Guyana, South America, after conducting test preparation and simulations for nursing students at Georgetown Public Hospital System.

Above photo: MTSA President Chris Hulin (second from left) and students Elizabeth Gilbert and Warkim Giles (front row) conducted classroom review and simulations for nursing students in Guyana during the School’s recent Mission Initiative.

“The trip was another great success. The Guyanese students continue to display eagerness to learn and enjoy the interaction with our students,” said MTSA President Chris Hulin.

MTSA students Elizabeth Gilbert and Warkim Giles led many of the simulations, while Hulin conducted review sessions for the students’ upcoming major exam before they enter into primary clinical education. According to Hulin, all the students were successful on the exam and are now busy learning in the OR.

“The trip was wonderful,” Gilbert said. “Warkim and I mainly went through different scenarios and OR simulations with the students. It was really rewarding seeing their thought processes and critical thinking progress through the week. Knowing that they are going to be the leaders in their country for future nurse anesthetists is a lot of pressure, but they are up for the challenge and will succeed.”

Giles added: “The Guyana mission trip was an awesome experience. It gave us the chance to impart the knowledge and skills we’ve learned at MTSA to the students in the CRNA program in Guyana. When you’re able to teach someone, I feel that you know the material. That was a nice confidence boost nearing the end of our program. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to do God’s work in a foreign country. The skills they learned, or brushed up on, will greatly help them serve the people of Guyana.”

MTSA student Warkim Giles provides simulation instruction to nursing students at Georgetown Public Hospital System in Guyana.


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