MTSA Airways: Student Standouts

MTSA SRNAs receive hands-on experience at a variety of clinical sites, but they also have the opportunity to make an impact on the patients they serve. We are pleased to share these comments received from clinical sites showcasing the skill and compassionate care of these SRNAs.

Steven Cuzzilla
Special recognition for Steven for his performance during a recent procedure. Thank you, Steven!

Ross Ham
Ross did an amazing job helping out when needed and being motivated. He was walking in the hallway and I grabbed him and said, ‘hey are you busy?’ He said, ‘nope,’ and didn’t hesitate to help me transport a patient. Then he followed up to see if I needed help going back upstairs. When I got called to [a patient’s room] he came to the room and helped out.

Alexandra Harris        Kate Priebe        Alfred Wong
Alexandra, Kate and Alfred were incredibly helpful and flexible. [Recently] we did a big spine with the new O-Arm, we had a few levels, and at times were scarce with available staff. Each one was helpful on the floor when they were in between cases. They were each helping with line placements/charting during induction, flipping spines, giving breaks/lunches, and helping turnover rooms. They were so proactive and taking initiative as team members. Of course, with weekends the assignment can often change rooms throughout the day. They were all flexible and even helped set up rooms for others. It was just incredible, and they really made the weekend run smoothly. Greatly appreciative for their help and positivity.

Lynette Hokenson
Rather than relaxing in the breakroom waiting for something to do, Lynette has been helping 2nd shift with stocking a room. It’s awesome that she is willing to help wherever she can.

Katie Patten
Kudos to Katie for a job well done on a challenging renal Tx, and saw it through to the end even though it was after midnight.

Kayla Raines
Kayla has been a pleasure to work with and teach. She has excelled since I started working with her. Kayla stays longer than required because she has an eagerness to learn. Everyone, including one of the anesthesiologists, Dr. Burr, recognized this unique characteristic. Other things I noticed when working with Kayla include: increased confidence; she chooses appropriate doses of meds at appropriate time; she is learning to manage the pre-op, maintenance, and post-op phase; and she is not hesitant to ask for help or direct others when necessary, during intubation. She chooses appropriate airway adjuncts and can maintain the airway with a jaw thrust or chin lift. She recognizes changes in her patient’s status and responds quickly.

The Board of the Sigma Theta Tau Iota At-Large Chapter, which includes Vanderbilt University School of Nursing and MTSA, has voted for U.S. Army LTC Jamilia Adams-Henderson, DNAP, CRNA, to serve as a chapter delegate to the Sigma Theta Tau International Annual Convention in November 2023. Dr. Adams-Henderson is a recent MTSA DNAP-Completion graduate and is enrolled in MTSA’s inaugural Nurse Educator Track cohort, which begins this fall.

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