Tim Rushlow Headlines Mission & Awards Gala

Tim Rushlow is no stranger to the stage having grown up in a musical family, then the lead vocalist for the country supergroup Little Texas, followed by a successful solo career. Tim has taken the approach with his One Man, One Guitar, One Nightshow that every audience member is in his living room for the night.  Tim Says, “There is something magical when you strip away all the huge production and break it down to an intimate setting.”

“I love turning a venue into my living room and then it’s just up to me to take people on a musical journey through all the songs that have left a mark in my life.  Some are hits I have written, some are hits I have sung, some are songs that I missed along the way that were huge for other artists, while others are simply songs that are a part of my life and mean something to me.”

Tim Rushlow knows just how to break it down to the place of being vulnerable – where people begin to feel it and become very special.  Tim realized that songs comprise the soundtrack of his life and are also the playlists for others too.  “I think that is why this show packs a punch, I am honored that some of my songs have become a part of that soundtrack for many people.”

This is a show packed with passion, honesty, and heart from an artist who’s sold over 11 million records, won CMA awards, ACM awards, been nominated for three Grammy awards.  He still participates in a large annual tour for US troups around the world, while maintaining his drive to reach perfection as a solo artist on a stage with his guitar. This is where Tim Rushlow is at his best.

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