Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia provides a highly specialized academic environment, integrating the latest research, hands-on clinical practice, and one-on-one support in a unique graduate education setting. Our reputation for excellence attracts student nurse anesthetists who are motivated to improve patient outcomes and serve others through their profession.

MTSA’s academic offerings include:

Pre-Anesthesia/Prep for Anesthesia Program

(for RNs to prepare for nurse anesthesia school)
Advanced Physiologic Foundations Class»


Entry into Practice/Practice Doctorate/DNAP Program

(RN to CRNA; enrolls annually in January)
Practice Doctorate/DNAP Program»


Post-Graduate CRNAs

(options only for CRNAs)

For CRNAs with Master’s degrees (enroll annually in Fall)

Doctorate Completion Program»

For CRNAs with Doctoral degrees (enroll annually in Fall)

Nurse Educator Certificate Program»
Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship Program»

For all CRNAs

Regional Cadaveric Workshops»
Continuing Education»


Learning Resource Center

(available for all learners)
Learning Resource Center»


In order to comply with the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA), this link provides you Consumer Information about Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia. This includes the Annual Security Report, which provides crime statistics for the prior three years, as well as safety and security policies, procedures and practices which help keep our campus safe.

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Title IX Coordinator
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