Top Reasons to Choose MTSA's DNAP Program

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Choosing an anesthesia school can be a difficult task. With so many options available, it’s helpful to understand the differences and make an informed choice based on your goals. Here are the top reasons why the Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice Program at Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia stands out above the rest: 

1) Advanced Simulations

Students begin ultrasound scanning in the first week of the DNAP program​. Hands-on Point of Care Ultrasound is integrated with the Advanced Assessment course from the beginning of the program, providing early development of clinical skills.

2) In-Person Classes

Didactic courses are primarily in-person on MTSA’s campus, allowing students to develop one-on-one mentoring relationships with faculty and face-to-face interaction with colleagues and classmates.

3) Regional Anesthesia

Students receive a full semester of acute surgical pain management instruction from experts in the field. Regional anesthesia training is provided by the Director of MTSA’s Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship.

4) Clinicals

Students benefit from an integrated program with exposure to advanced clinical settings in the greater Nashville healthcare market early in the program. Students obtain well above the national requirements for number of cases and clinical hours.

5) Board Pass Rate

MTSA’s current pass rate for the National Certification Exam is 97%, with a class size of nearly 70 students.


Application deadline for the DNAP Practice Doctorate program is May 31