Patrick Moss, DNAP, CRNA

Patrick Moss, DNAP, CRNA, received his Master of Science with a focus in nurse anesthesia and Doctorate of Nurse Anesthesia Practice from the Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia. His passion for educating colleagues about acute pain management – particularly those practicing in rural or underserved areas – led to doctoral work focused on determining the feasibility of tele-mentoring (remotely guiding) other CRNAs who have limited, or no, experience in providing ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia.  He has practiced nurse anesthesia for the last 19 years and is the Regional Vice President of Anesthesia Services for LifeLinc Anesthesia. He also serves as the Director of the Center of Excellence for Acute Pain Management for the Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia and Halyard Health, facilitating quarterly cadaveric workshops focused on ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia. He and his wife, Mandy, have been married for 20 years and have two children, Parker and Will.

Modules/Topics Taught:

  • Lower Extremity
    • Perineural Catheter Indications, Techniques, and Equipment:
      • Erector spinae
      • Continuous intercostal
      • Subpectoral
      • Axillary nerve (circumflex)
      • Transverse/parasagittal paravertebral
      • Anterior sciatic
      • Obturator
      • Continuous intercostal
      • Retroclavicular Approach to The Infraclavicular Region (RAPTIR)
  • Truncal
  • Upper Extremity